Hikvision’s solutions for security on the go

New Zealand Security Magazine, October 2018

Hikvision Transport
Hikvision’s high-definition video monitoring helps authorities handle scenarios from traffic accidents to terrorist attacks.

Whether you’re managing a fleet of buses, taxis, cars or trains, Hikvision Smart Mobile Solution has transportation safety wrapped up, affording maximum protection for all vehicles and their passengers.

With more than 15 years in video surveillance for transport safety and vehicle tracking, Hikvision knows a thing or two about mobile security. The company’s comprehensive product line is the result of the largest Research & Development capability in the CCTV industry, enabling it to take on complicated customisations for a diverse portfolio of projects.

Hikvision’s high-definition video monitoring helps authorities to deal with situations from traffic accidents and wayward drivers to pickpocketing, antisocial passenger behaviour and terrorist attacks. Quality images and video recorded via ruggedised HD cameras can be exported to law enforcement for investigative and evidentiary purposes with greater efficiency than ever.

System structure

Cameras: a variety of analogue, HDTVI, and IP cameras acquire high-definition video footage of vehicle interiors as well as the surrounding environments.

Recorders: embedded mobile NVRs and DVRs provide reliable onboard video recording. Multiple accessories are also supported to provide valuable functions, such as two-way audio, status indication, and panic alarm.

Transmission: communication between the platform and devices is mainly based on 3G / 4G wireless networks. Key data, including GPS and alarm information, is instantly uploaded to the platform for centralised control and management.

Management: the iVMS-5200 professional video management platform manages the devices centrally, and provides functions including live view, remote playback, GPS location, and route playback. Both mobile and PC clients are supported.

Core features

Ruggedised design: all mobile dedicated products are specially designed to make them suitable for high-wear transportation environments. They are vibration-resistant, conforming to EN50155 – an international standard for electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications covering temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, etc.

All-weather: special heating and fan modules for outer-vehicle cameras and mobile recorder operate in all weather conditions.

High-reliability storage: featuring fully enclosed with dual-protected HDD and patented aviation airbag, reinforced camera materials with silicone pad for shock absorption (Standard MIL-STD-810G), and support for multiple, specialized connectors for vehicles or rail transport.

Reliable transmission: an intelligent algorithm adjusts the live stream bitrate automatically according to network conditions.

Power protection: a wide range of power supplies support the main board of Hikvision’s mobile video recorder – from 9 to 32V with short-circuit protection (ISO 7637-2:2011). Mobile video recorder uses high volume capacitors, powering the recorder for five to seven seconds after being turned off so the recorder has enough time to write video to the HDD in an emergency.


For a high-definition surveillance for buses, Hikvision recommends an AE-VC151T-IT camera for rear view monitoring (1); AE-VC122T-ITS cameras for front view (2), interior (3,4,5), rear door (6) and driver (7); and a AE-VC122T-IT for outdoor view monitoring.

Recording the data is a DS-MP7508 8-Channel 1080p HD-TVI mobile surveillance DVR featuring standard 1.5 DIN dimensions and 5.8G WiFi (9), coupled with a DS-1530HMI

MVR status indicator with a manual alarm button and G-sensor alarm (10).

A DS-1350HMI intercom box delivers full duplex, two-way audio between the platform and mobile DVR (11), while a DS-MP1301 LCD Screen provides 7” TFT-LCD display supporting an AV OUT direct connection (12).


Recommended cameras include a front-facing AE-VC052P(N)-S camera (on windshield) monitors the front view of the vehicle (1) and an AE-VC022P(N)-ITS indoor camera (2) with built-in mic for monitoring the cab interior (installed on the inside ceiling).

An AE-VC031P(N) outdoor camera (3) takes care of the right side of the vehicle, with IP68 housing and wide view angle; while a water-proof, wide-angle AE-VC051P(N)-IT rear view camera (4) records the scene behind the truck.

A 4-channel standard definition DS-M5504HMI mobile surveillance DVR (5) fits right in with its standard 1 DIN dimensions designed to suit a truck’s limited install space. A Panic Button DS-1530HMI MVR status indicator provides a manual alarm button and G-sensor alarm.

Full duplex, two-way audio between the platform and mobile is provided by a DVR DS-1350HMI intercom box (11), while a DS-MP1301 LCD Screen provides 7” TFT-LCD display and supports an AV OUT direct connection (12).


Mobile video recording is achieved via a DS-M5504HMI-SD 4-Channel standard definition mobile surveillance DVR (1) featuring 2x SD / SDHC / SDXC card slot, while a DS-MP1301

Screen (2) delivers 7” TFT-LCD display and supports AV OUT direct connection.

Recommended cameras include an AE-VC052P(N)-S windshield-mounted front view camera (3), an AE-VC012P(N)-ITS mini dome camera for driver and front row seat monitoring (4), and one AE-VC023P(N)-ITS installed on taxi ceiling to monitor the rear seat (5) and another installed in the trunk (6).

A Panic Button DS-1530HMI MVR status indicator provides a manual alarm button and G-sensor alarm (7), and a DS-1350HMI intercom box delivers full duplex, two-way audio between the platform and mobile DVR.


It is recommended that 16-channel mobile NVRs are installed in each of a train’s two engine units, and connected to cameras installed in every coach unit, as well as 4-channel mobile NVR and cameras in every coach unit or engine unit managed by iVMS software.

Cameras include a DS-2CD6520DT-I(O) Mini Dome camera for carriage monitoring (2,3,4,5,6), and a DS-2XM6522WD-I(M) wedge-shaped camera for external monitoring (7), all sending footage to a DS-MP3516-RS 16-channel 1080P,6 HDD Mobile Video Recorder specialised for trains.


Vehicle-mounted comprehensive safety system provides helpful insight for drivers via features such as dead-zone detection, early warning systems, an intelligent rear mirror, and more.

The AE-DN2016-F1 Dashcam Bullet features an up to 1080P full HD camera with wide field angle up to 135°(diagonal) and supporting built-in MIC and speaker for audio in and out.

It boasts built-in Wi-Fi module supporting Wi-Fi AP function, a built-in G-Sensor module supporting video recording upon crash or strong vibration (can be configured to prevent overwriting), and optional GPS module (with longitude, latitude and speed overlay on picture).

The AE-DN2223-C2 Dashcam Cube features a 1080P full HD main camera with wide field angle up to 140°(diagonal), an optional TVI/CVBS second camera (IR and water-proof optional) and other features mirroring that of the Dashcam Bullet.