Baltimore cyber attack
Cyber Security

Lessons from the Baltimore cyberattack for NZ

According to FintechNZ’s General Manager James Brown, New Zealand can take lessons from the U.S. city of Baltimore, which was offline for over a week in May following a ransomware cyberattack. Hackers breached the Maryland […]

Cybersecurity talent
Cyber Security

Enhancing cybersecurity through talent management

Nick Nelson, senior lecturer at Massey University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies, argues that maintaining cybersecurity includes both technological as well as human factors – this means that recruiting and retaining the ‘right’ people […]

Cyber War
Cyber Defence

Cyber Warfare: Offence, defence and deterrence

Dr Joe Burton, senior lecturer in political science and public policy at Waikato University, presented on cyber warfare at the 2017 NZDIA Defence, Industry & National Security Forum. We ask him about how New Zealand […]