Line of Defence Magazine Winter 2020

Our Mission

The Defsec New Zealand website went live in 2015, bringing the combined content of Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier defence, security, and fire protection publications together onto a single online platform. Defsec’s mission is to provide expert news and analysis on the sectors that keep New Zealanders safe, and to do so in a way that is independent and non-partisan, and that eschews the transience of the 24-hour news cycle.

Although, by international standards, New Zealand is a small, wealthy, and peaceful nation, we have unique perspectives to offer on issues of insecurity, disaster, and conflict, and on the enduring human search for safety, security, and peace. Defsec provides a voice to these perspectives.

About Defsec

Defsec New Zealand is the online home of New Zealand Security Magazine, Line of Defence Magazine, and FireNZ Magazine, premier publications covering the defence, national security, enterprise security, and fire protection sectors. Defsec Media Limited is an independent publisher based in Auckland and Te Puru, New Zealand. Click here to find out more about our people.

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Line of Defence Magazine

New Zealand’s leading defence and national security sector publication, Line of Defence features news and analysis on Defence, National Security, Aerospace, and Homeland Security. 30 quarterly issues of Line of Defence have been published since its inaugural issue in April 2016. The magazine has a well-earned reputation for thoughtful, timely, analytical articles and interviews contributed by some of New Zealand’s leading academic, government, military and business figures.

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New Zealand Security Magazine

Since 1994, New Zealand Security Magazine (NZSM) has been delivering news and insightful features covering every aspect of the private security sector with comprehensive articles featuring current trends, legislation, industry news and views, which also includes new products and services. The magazine provides its business partners with a cost effective means to market themselves to potential clients and fellow industry professionals.

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Fire NZ Magazine

Fire NZ is targeted at those working directly and indirectly in the domestic and commercial fire industry as well as people working within the public sector such as managers of local and central government organisations who buy or manage fire services and products, business owners and managers right through to suppliers, installers and front-line staff. Our readers take their job seriously and make an active choice to be kept informed and up-to-date with fire protection industry.

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THE BRIEF e-newsletter

THE BRIEF is Defsec’s twice-weekly e-newsletter distributed via MailChimp to our subscribers (subscription is free-of-charge via the sign-up form on the Defsec New Zealand website). Each edition of THE BRIEF features six article headlines, commentary, and advertiser space covering the Defence, National Security, Enterprise Security and Fire Protection sectors. It’s what our serious readers subscribe to in order to keep up-to-date on the latest in news and analysis.