September 2019

Fire NZ Magazine - Digital Edition

Fire NZ Magazine - September 2019

Welcome to the September 2019 edition of Fire NZ Magazine!

Inside this special edition of Fire NZ you’ll find:

  • FPA President’s Message
  • SFPE President’s Message
  • IFE President’s Message
  • Fire Protection Charitable Trust
  • Veiga: Saves installation time, labour costs
  • Fire risk of foam-filled furniture addressed 
  • Introducing the Pertronic F220
  • Large scale fire testing from a product manufacturer’s viewpoint 
  • simPRO’s eForms tool is simplifying form processes
  • Safety Training for all of New Zealand 
  • New “Integrated Building Systems – Code of Practice” is under development 
  • The GAME CHANGER in Fire Stopping – “Think Inside the Box”
  • Banned firefighting foam cleared from New Zealand airports
  • FireNZ Conference & Exhibition 2019 Floor Pland and Programme 
  • Passive Fire Solution for Retrofitted Projects: Upgrading In-situ Plasterboard to Code 
  • New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society