Austco augments Nurse Call and healthcare communications solutions with Vayyar 4D imaging radar fall detection

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Austco is partnering with Vayyar to bring touchless fall detection and activity monitoring to its global care provider customer base. Image: supplied.

International partnership will see sensor installations in senior care facilities in all of Austco’s operating regions, including Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

Austco has partnered with 4D imaging radar leader Vayyar to provide touchless, camera-free fall detection and activity monitoring.

Austco plans to integrate Vayyar Care devices directly with its Tacera nurse call platform to power several solutions for different segments of the market: independent living and aged care, remote patient monitoring, and dementia/memory care. The integrated solution will provide fall alerts in all scenarios, including those when resident or patient is unable to operate a standard alarm system, or has neglected to put on a wearable device.

Austco will also leverage the rich behavioral data gathered by Vayyar Care. Insights into how long residents spend alone in their suites, in bed or at rest, and the frequency and duration of bathroom visits will reveal a range of issues. These include changes in residents’ clinical conditions, reduced mobility, level of medication compliance, morbidities such as UTIs (urinary tract infections), and mental condition, such as early signs of depression.

With the ability to “see” residents in all conditions without revealing personally identifying information, the integrated solution gives caregivers the visibility they need to monitor residents and patients without violating their privacy.

Austco is planning installations across the company’s key geographies, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe, the US and Canada.

In independent and assisted living, the focus will be on fall reduction and prevention by identifying behavioral changes and detecting “hidden” falls – incidents that residents often fail to report but which are the leading predictor of subsequent, more serious falls.

In higher acuity facilities such as skilled nursing and post-acute care, Austco will assess and mitigate fall risk through multifactorial activity analytics and vital signs monitoring, while in memory care, operators will be able to overcome the challenge of residents’ inability to report health and wellbeing issues through 24/7 monitoring.

The integrated solution will also enable a suite of automated applications such as lighting, environmental control, and security features, that will reduce risk and enhance comfort for residents in all types of facilities.

“Residents and patients deserve both protection and privacy, and caregivers and facility administrators need a new level of data-driven insight,” said Kevin Higgins, VP of Product, Austco. “Integrating Vayyar’s best-in-class camera-free technology will keep Austco at the cutting edge of emerging monitoring markets, as we look to expand worldwide.” 

Easing the burden on facility staff is a key dimension of the partnership. Vayyar Care’s exceptionally high accuracy rate enables caregivers to instantly verify that a real fall has occurred, mitigating alarm fatigue – and potential delayed response – due to resident overuse of nurse call systems.

“Integrating with a system of the caliber of Austco’s is a significant milestone for our solution,” said Guy Meger, Head of Vayyar Care Business Unit. “Our technology is designed and built to provide the data that will transform the industry and I’m excited to collaborate with Austco on driving that change.”

This data is at the core of an emerging model of predictive, data-driven care that will enhance resident and patient outcomes, reduce the burden on frontline caregivers, and increase profitability for healthcare facilities across all categories.