Genetec Introduces Enterprise-Grade, unified Security Center SaaS

New Zealand Security Magazine - Update


Security Center SaaS delivers a new solution for cloud-based physical security – for end users and integrators.

Genetec has announced its new Security Center SaaS offering, which it describes as a massively scalable, open, and unified software as a service solution (SaaS). According to the 22 February announcement, Security Center SaaS combines access control, video management, forensic search, intrusion monitoring, automation, and many other advanced security capabilities.

“The physical security industry in Australia and New Zealand and globally has not been able to get cloud or software as a service quite right, especially for enterprise customers,” said Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering and CSO, Genetec.

“With Security Center SaaS, organisations are no longer beholden to proprietary or feature-poor as a service solutions that needlessly force a choice of either all on-prem or all cloud,” he said. “The enterprise capabilities and open architecture of Security Center SaaS are designed to enable systems to handle complex workloads where they make the most sense to be deployed.”

Solution built for channel partners 

As deployments become increasingly sophisticated, end users rely on trusted security professionals to guide them through their transition to cloud and hybrid environments.

“Current approaches to SaaS have undercut the role of channel partners, whom we see as central to customer and project success,” said George Moawad, Country Manager ANZ, Genetec Inc. “Security Center SaaS represents an important opportunity for our systems integrators. It means better margins and long-term customer satisfaction, with no additional investment in time or resources on the part of partners.”

An automated quoting and ordering process enables systems to be fully operational within minutes from when an order is placed. The Genetec Portal provides a convenient mechanism for channel partners to quote, order, deploy, and manage large deployments.

Enterprise-grade experience in the cloud

With the ability to centralise the monitoring and management of multiple sites, Security Center SaaS is suited to meet the needs of customers in Australia and New Zealand across a wide range of verticals, including retail, education, corporate campuses, banking, healthcare, and governments.

The platform can serve low-density deployments with a handful of direct-to-cloud devices and scale up to thousands of sites and devices with hybrid storage and processing. Operators can manage operations from a SOC (Security Operation Center) or on the go through robust web and mobile applications.  

Supporting evolution to the cloud

A deployment-agnostic platform that supports a range of configurations, Security Center SaaS is based on a hybrid-SaaS architecture, allowing organisations to move components and sites to the cloud based on their needs and requirements using a combination of cloud-native services and cloud-managed appliances, with storage and processing at the edge.

Because of its open architecture, Security Center SaaS gives organisations the freedom to choose the devices, cameras, and door controllers that work best for their business. 

 Security Center SaaS can also connect seamlessly with existing on-premises security devices and infrastructure. Access control devices and cameras that are not cloud-ready can be connected to Security Center SaaS using Genetec edge appliances.  


Available In Australia and New Zealand as well as globally in April 2024 from certified Genetec partners, Security Center SaaS is offered in tiered subscription plans based on the number of device connections needed.