Career Pathways: Security provider HSM hosts Hastings Girls High School

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Career pathways
The monitoring room was a standout feature of the visit. Image: HSM.

In May, Hastings-based security services provider HSM participated in a Graeme Dingle Foundation programme to host high school students and showcase security as an alternative career path.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation has launched a programme aimed at broadening the career horizons of high school students and addressing the common misconception among students that college is the sole pathway to a successful career.

By highlighting alternative career options and pathways, the Foundation aims to motivate high school students to explore various industries, broadening their horizons and showcasing alternative career pathways beyond those traditional college routes. Bringing students to visit local businesses like HSM not only exposes them to various industries but also allows them to envision themselves in those roles.

On May 20th, HSM had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from Hastings Girls’ High School. The visit was led by Brent, who provided a comprehensive tour of the HSM office who, during the tour, emphasised the diverse career opportunities available at HSM, particularly in the fields of guarding and monitoring.

The monitoring room was a standout feature of the visit, capturing the interest of many students. One student expressed particular enthusiasm about the prospect of a future career as a monitoring operator.

This was the first such venture with the Graeme Dingle Foundation, with HSM having booked in further visits organised by the Foundation with other Hawkes Bay local schools.  It’s wonderful to see students becoming excited about potential career paths they may not have previously considered and the visit highlighted the importance of providing hands-on experiences and exposures to different career options.

HSM will also be participating in Futureopoly, an event organised by the Graeme Dingle Foundation aimed at engaging youth in exploring different career pathways. Scheduled to take place at the Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds in early June, this event aims to engage 500-600 students in a fun, interactive environment.

Through games and activities, local employers, including HSM, will have the opportunity to share information about their businesses and the various career paths they offer. 

HSM is looking forward to participating in a venture which is more interactive and engaging than the traditional presentations or visits to school careers offices, targeting in particular those who are not aware of how many career options are actually available to them and empowering them to make informed decisions about their futures.

By participating in initiatives like the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s programme and Futureopoly, HSM is hoping to connect with students, inspire them, and provide insights into careers they may not have previously considered. The collaboration between the Graeme Dingle Foundation and local businesses like HSM represents a valuable work in expanding students’ understanding of career opportunities beyond traditional academic routes.