Contactless Borders

Contactless Borders and post-Covid travel

Biometrics-enabled ‘seamless traveller’ initiatives were once seen as the answer to handling ever-increasing passenger volumes at airports. In the post-Covid era, writes Nicholas Dynon, they present a potential enabler for Covid-safe air travel. The International […]

Awards Nominations

Nominating for the 2020 Annual Security Awards

The NZSA is expecting a bumper number of nominations for this year’s awards, writes judging panellist Nicholas Dynon. Putting the effort into a compliant and high quality nomination is key. Awards season has officially started! […]

Private security services

COVID-19: Is private security an essential service?

As New Zealand goes into COVID-19 lockdown, there remains ambiguity over whether or not licensed private security providers are included within the government list of ‘essential services’, writes Nicholas Dynon. [Please note that since this […]

Chief Editor Nicholas Dynon
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Nicholas Dynon

Nicholas Dynon is Chief Editor of Defsec New Zealand’s enterprise and national security publications New Zealand Security Magazine, Line of Defence Magazine and Fire NZ Magazine, He is a licensed security consultant and has held business […]