New Zealand Security Association releases ‘essential service’ update

New Zealand Security Magazine - 25 March 2020 Update

Covid-19 25 March update

The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) has this morning issued a further COVID-19-related update in relation to essential service designation. This follows five previous updates issued by the association since last Thursday afternoon.

In this latest update, the NZSA notes yesterday afternoon’s updates to the government COVID-19 website ( that provide more detail in relation to which business types are designated as ‘essential’.

‘Essential businesses’ are not required to cease operating during the Level 3 and upcoming 4 lockdown period.

The NZSA noted that ‘security’ is referred to under the following essential business categories:

Public safety and national security: Any person employed or engaged in a public safety or national security role.

Utilities and communications, including supply chains: Any entity supplying services to essential workplaces (or services) that are required for the safe operation of that workplace (or services) e.g. cleaning and security services.

“Our interpretation, as supported verbally by the Ministry of Justice and Police, is that this [essential business designation] covers all licensed security workers including security guards, security technicians and monitoring operators,” stated the NZSA update.

“We strongly recommend however that services are prioritised towards essential services and businesses and that non-essential work such as installing and servicing home alarms is ceased immediately. This ensures best practice for the safety and security of our workers and ensures our efforts are focused on supporting those businesses and sectors that must remain accessible to all.”

“We reinterate that this is a fluid situation and further updates from the government are expected. We are also advised that call centres are being established to support each essential service category.”

The NZSA is likely to provide a futher Question and Answer update later today.