Hanwha Vision launches industry-first dual sensor barcode reader camera

New Zealand Security Magazine - Update

New camera combines barcode recognition and video capture in a single device. Image supplied.

Hanwha Vision introduces its first dual lens Barcode Reader (BCR) camera, combining barcode recognition and video capture in a single device.

The AI-enabled BCR camera recognises and tracks parcel barcodes on high-speed conveyors at a speed of 2m/s. The image sensors for barcode recognition and video monitoring offer 4K resolution and a wide Field of View (FoV) with a 25mm lens.

The camera can also be integrated with Hanwha Vision’s Vision Logistics Tracking Software (VLTS).

Hanwha Vision claims that the unit can help lower installation and maintenance costs compared to conventional systems that require barcode readers and surveillance cameras to be installed independently.

“Having the industry’s first dual lens BCR camera is just another example of Hanwha Vision’s commitment to innovation and ability to deliver market-specific solutions that help our customers to maximise productivity, reduce costs, and achieve their business goals,” said Woowon Ra, Solution Planning Team Leader at Hanwha Vision.

Logistics and CCTV systems that typically operate separately, forcing users to check the last location and time through a barcode search every time an event occurs, and then revert to the surveillance system to view a recorded video to see what happened at that precise time and location.

With an integrated logistics system (WMS) and CCTV system (NVR), the Hanwha Vision VLTS enables operators to track a package and access video playback by scanning the invoice barcode.

Other management systems within the company’s Logistics Solution set, which can be integrated with the VLTS, include:

  • Packing Video Management: matches videos with work history and helps operators respond effectively to customer claims for errors, omissions, or damage throughout the packing process.
  • Dock Safety Management: edge-based AI camera oversees the safety of dock loading and unloading, helping operators to minimise hazards and easily document and report on compliance with all safety and industry regulations.