Hologram Label

International hologram market holding up during Covid

The international market for holography continues to hold-up despite the impact of COVID-19, with strong confidence that trading will soon return to normal levels, says the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA). A poll of its […]

International Insurance Investigator of the Year

Kiwi professional investigator wins on world stage

A ceremony at the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators’ 66th Annual International Training Seminar at the Pittsburgh Sheraton Hotel in Pennsylvania, USA, was the scene for the unlikely 6thAugust crowning of Kiwi investigator John […]

Private Detective

Private detective directive defective?

A raft of complaints to the PSPLA has caused controversy among professional investigators, writes Nicholas Dynon. Use of the term ‘detective’ in breach of Section 109 of the Act is much ado about nothing according […]

Birth Certificate

Document fraud cases expose major gaps

A spate of high profile fraud cases 
in New Zealand in recent months
have highlighted major gaps in
the document vetting processes of organisations in the health, financial and other sectors. Document fraud costs the economy millions, […]