Keisha Rihari
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NZSA announces final Covid-19 Guardian Award

New Zealand Security Association announces the fifth and final Covid-19 Guardian Award winner is Keisha Rihari from FIRST Security Guard Services in Northland. According to the NZSA, Keisha has been recognised for her outstanding work […]

Anton Kritzinger
Industry bodies

NZSA announces fourth Covid-19 Guardian Award

New Zealand Security Association announces fourth Covid-19 Guardian Award winner as Anton Kritzinger from Armourguard. Anton will receive his award for his actions in diffusing a potentially dangerous situation on an Auckland bus during Covid-19 […]

Private security services
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NZSA Covid-19 Update: PPE and workers for industry

With supply of both personal protective equipment and security personnel drying up as lockdown enters its second week, the NZSA scrambles to get member access to both. Personal protective equipment Following from its previous update, […]

Unite Against COVID-19

Covid-19 response and supply chain impact of Alert Level 4

In this second NZDF Covid-19 update to suppliers, Paul Howard FCIPS, Assistant Chief Joint Defence Services (Commercial), covers NZDF procurement activity, ICT services and payment of suppliers. NZDF recognises the importance of keeping our suppliers […]