Wesco Anixter introduces Triton Sensors for vape detection

New Zealand Security Magazine - December 2023

Triton Sensors
Vape detection solution distributed in NZ by Wesco-Anixter. Image: Triton Sensors.

Wesco Anixter (Formerly Atlas Gentech) now exclusively distributes Triton Sensors in the New Zealand and Australian markets.  

Triton’s devices are used in all 52 US states and in more than 15 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 2020, in Pennsylvania, with the goal to provide accurate and affordable solutions to assist in combating the teen vaping epidemic.

“We are so pleased to be working with Wesco Anixter in Australia and New Zealand, their scale and incredibly strong channel relationships will assist greatly in our desire to change lives for the better,” said Lance Parthemore, co-founder of Triton Sensors.

“The distribution of Triton Sensors represents an incredible opportunity to provide the New Zealand market an effective tool to help combat many of the social challenges that vaping is causing, said Director of Wesco Anixter in New Zealand Andy Brown. “[This is] especially relevant today for many educational institutions struggling to manage this issue.”

Triton manufactures two Vape Detection devices: the 3D Sense and 3D Sense Pro Smart Sensors. 3D Sense is used by schools and other organisations worldwide to accurately detect and deter the use of smoke-based drugs such as vapes, dab pens, and other dangerous substances.

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3D Sense Pro has the same features of 3D Sense but also adds additional safety features, such as Triton’s keyword detection and loud noise detection technology, which enables safe and secure monitoring of areas where cameras are prohibited.

Both models are powered via POE and connect to Triton Sync, Triton’s cloud portal and dashboard which enables notifications via email, text message and/or push notifications. Integrations are also available with 15 leading Video Management and Access Control solutions including Axis, Hanwha, and Hikvision, with Inner Range integration coming soon.

“With stock on its way now, we are planning to launch this great solution to the Australian and New Zealand markets in early December 2023,” Brown said.

“We have seen incredible demand for this product and know there is a real need for this solution. By bringing an accurate and affordable solution to the market, we expect the Triton Vape Detectors to be the most effective and accessible tool to help combat the vaping epidemic.” 

Wesco Anixter is a listed Fortune 500 global distributor of network and security solutions. Under the Wesco-Anixter group, Wesco Anixter in New Zealand (formerly Atlas Gentech) is part of an established global distribution network.