Nicholas Dynon

Chief Editor - Defsec New Zealand

Chief Editor Nicholas Dynon

Nicholas Dynon is Chief Editor of Defsec New Zealand’s enterprise and national security publications New Zealand Security Magazine, Line of Defence Magazine and Fire NZ Magazine, He is a licensed security consultant and has held security risk management and business development positions in the border and private security sectors.

Nicholas previously served 14 years with Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which included postings to Shanghai (2005-2008) as Vice Consul, and Beijing (2008) and Suva (2009-2012) as First Secretary. He concurrently served in the Australian Army reserve forces as a non-commissioned officer (Royal Australian Corps of Signals) and then commissioned officer (Royal Australian Corps of Transport), and is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Australia.

Nicholas holds a B.A. with Honours and an M.A. in Asian Studies from the Australian National University and a Master of International Studies with Honours from the University of Sydney. He has had peer-reviewed articles published in The China Journal, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, China: An International Journal, and National Security Journal (NSJ), and he is a founding member of the NSJ Editorial Board. His research focuses on China-West security relations, theories of national power, and the private sector in Aotearoa New Zealand’s national security.

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